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Sex!!!! Be truthfull...Who ejoy it most..Male or Female??????

I want people to say the truth here and not be partial in their contribution..who enjoy sex!!! male or female???i don't know maybe we need a professional doctor to tell us more about has been estimated from a sexualogical lab in the UK by doctor Ann Hart ...that 80% sexual excitement are being derived by females..while Doctor Ben Kennedy disagree with her..i want to know what the people of 9jer think about this.

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This is a nice topic and it will be nice if people can contribute and be frank about it. Many married people silently suffer because they dont enjoy sex and they dont know how to solve the problem. Sex is meant to be enjoyed equally by both partners. Sex is an art that can be learned and perfected between two partners. Let me quickly add that before sex can be fully enjoyed, it has to be within two legally married and matured couple. I dont see how you can enjoy sex if it is done outside of marriage. Because from my own religious perspective, sex out of wedlock is sin. So I dont see how you can enjoy sin, in the first place.

Having said that, a man should know the sensitive part of her wife. Most ladies enjoy their clitoris being played with before and during sexual intercourse. Both partners should agree on the best sex position to archive that with out either of the partner feeling uncomfortable. The man should be easy on her wife and make her feels special and wanted. Women love sweet and sincere words during romance. Men should learn not to rush their wives during sex. Caress her until she finally gives in. Believe me, if the wife enjoys it, the man will too. It is reciprocal.

Most Nigerian or African women are shy when it comes to sex with their husbands. Sex is no time to be shy. God created it to be enjoyed. So do everything to be romantic and tell your husband you love it. Men go crazy when they hear a woman says she loves to be sexed. So learn to tell your husband, 'honey come and sex me'. Tell him, 'please suck my nipples softly'. He is your husband. Set him crazy loving you. If you dont do it, there are dangerous girls out there willing to do anything! Be wise and save your marriage. God does not want you to cry senselessly any more. A woman should be sensible enough to know how to keep her home from invasion. Partners should be open to each other. For example, If you love the way your partner smiles, let him or her know it. These are some of the things that make sex enjoyable.

And let me quickly add that sex that will be had in the night starts in the morning. A woman has a lot of responsibility to do in this regard. Always be sexy to your husband right from the morning before the two of you leave home. Call him at work and tell him you cant wait for his sex. He will abandon his car at the office and take okada home to beat the traffic! Be crazy for him with all sincerity every day. If there is genuine love between the two partners and they follow these simple suggestions I am making here, believe me, both the man and the woman will enjoy sex equally.

This is the secret I learned from my mum, who is a marriage counselor. My two parents have been married for close to 45 years. They are yet to have their first fight!
This is a nice topic to be discused. you are right when you said that most married women are always shy to tell their husband how they feel in bed and what sensitive part they need to play with knowing fully well that there are some ladies sexual wolves who can do anything to take your man, to save your marriage apart from God being the head and centre of your home, you as a woman need to play your role sextually. This sex of a thing was created by God for both couples as enjoyment and fun, so the woman or man dont need to be shy for the husband playing with all the parts of her body or tell the man wat part she like most on bed; same goes to the man too.
thanks ma`am for saying whats right
You really touched every part of this Sex issue without living anystone unturned.I tink i av 2 reemphasise your point that Sex is only meant to be enjoyed within wedlock.
nice one indeed, for me i think both parts enjoys it, just that the lady's compromise a lot, so it seem the men love it most.
Hello, it's pertinent to note, that your state of mind determine the derivation that you get from a particular action. However,
the truth is that the women ( female) gets it all as they are at the receiving end, i mean .............. you know, think about it.
4get that thing!men enjoy it most!if not why is that mostly men go out dre to look 4 it?even if the tin big or small i mean the girl tin,the man will still reach orgasm!abi i lie?do u know that it takes the girls heart that is love or mind when money is involved 2 get down wit a man and enjoy it!u say e sweet u,e sweet me who go pay?na lie e sweet u pass so u go pay!
Yes this a big concern to everybody. it is not something dat one should be shy about. truely in sex, who enjoy it most? to my own point of view, i will say that its 50-- 50 thing. both parties, i mean the male and the female enjoy it together. Sexually speacking, men are sexual while women are sensual. A woman can have fore-play without sex and still feel satisfied. but to the men, until that cucumber enters and take a deep penetration, they will never feel satisfied, they will look as someone that is on fire and the only person to quench it at that moment is the woman.Infact, i will say the male enjoys it more, lets put it 60 - 40.
I'd like to say that the enjoyment pendulum could swing either way depending on the current state of mind of both parties. Hence it is most difficult to put a percentage to it.

First, I am of the opinion that compartibility, communication and love play a great role in sexual relationships. Ladies are more caring and emotional beings and could easily too be turned off when her man is not seen as being caring. Initially things could go on smoothly until they discover that they are not compartible.

In such a relationship, the couple could just be doing it for doing sake. However if the couple communicate enough, care about each other, they will both understand their body languages and will both enjoy the sex period.

Sex is a thing of the mind, enjoying is may not be quantifyable in percentages
I think ladies do. This is evident from the fact that they morn during intercourse. Ladies morn when they are enjoying sex.
So ladies do enjoy than boys(guys).
i'm married and i had the good fortutune of being only 26 when i got married. my wife and i experiment alot. i bed we have a , nothing is too much policy. it keeps our sex life going, although time is aproblem. i work with a consultancy firm and i'm the interface manager for 3 diffrent jobs and i work 6am till 8pm, my wife owns a catering business and we only really see each other on weekends. thats one of the things that make it even more special for me.
As for me,it depend on d way you go about it...But it's enjoyable by both parties


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